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Spokes Cycle Touring Club

GDPR Privacy Statement

This statement is the Spokes CTC, General Data Policy Regulation (GDPR) Privacy Statement. The new GDPR legislation, effective from 25th May 2018, will be adhered to by the club at all times.

  1. Spokes CTC will ensure that all data held is accurate and old records deleted. The club will collect and maintain the following data relating to its members; Name, Cycling UK Membership Number, Postal and Email Addresses, Phone Numbers and Emergency Contact Details. All data held will be password protected.

  1. The data held is used only to record current membership details, to send information to members concerning club activities and to contact people in the event of an emergency. The club does not share or sell on any data to any third party.

  1. The members data will only be retained on record for the duration of their membership and will be deleted if a member decides to cease membership.

  2. If a member attends an overseas activity they will be asked to provide their travel insurance details to the Activity Leader. This information will only ever be used in the event where the Activity Leader may need to contact the insurance company on behalf of the member. The information will be returned to its' owner or destroyed as soon as the activity is completed.

  3. If a cyclist falls ill or is injured during a ride the Ride Leader may consider it necessary to raise a Serious Incident Report. This report may contain some of the cyclist's medical information. Spokes will make every effort to ensure that this information is shared only between the Ride Leader who raises the report and the Welfare Officer to whom they report.

  4. The Spokes Committee will be tasked with ensuring that all photographs included in club material, appearing on the club's website or accessed through links from the club's website will not specifically identify any person appearing in these photographs.

  1. The Secretary of Spokes CTC will act as the dedicated GDPR Protection Officer (DPO) and will be responsible for maintaining the club's data records.

The DPO may as required, produce for the committee, Activity Leaders and Ride Leaders, a list of contact details for an organised club event.

  1. The DPO will keep the committee, Activity Leaders and Ride Leaders updated on the club's GDPR policy.

May 25th2018

As a member group of Cycling UK, we adhere to the Cycling UK Privacy Policy

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