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Spokes Cycle Touring Club

Visitors’ Page - Welcome!


On this page we aim to give you a brief introduction to the club's activities and what it's like to cycle with Spokes.

Is Spokes CTC for you?

To find out if cycling with Spokes is right for you, you should first take a look at our Ride Calendar or Ride Library and see if the rides and activities appeal to you. Under each ride you will find information that should enable you to determine if we fit in with your outlook on cycling. Spokes CTC is a member group of Cycling UK. How do I join Spokes:

1)Turn up at any of our Sunday Rides for a few ‘taster sessions’. You don’t need to be a fully signed up member of Spokes and/or Cycling UK before you ‘try us out’. NB.To take part in our weekend, week and venture rides you will need to join the club. 2)To become a member of Spokes; firstly sign up to ‘Cycling UK’. On receipt of your Cycling UK membership number, Click Join to complete the Spokes on-line membership form to start enjoying the full benefits of club membership. NB. Spokes Membership is completely free once you have Cycling UK membership. If you have any queries please complete the Contact us form. (Click to view Cycling UK policy documents) Spokes continues to liaise with Cardiff CTC on some of our ride dates to enable both clubs to offer a wider variety of rides. Click here for more pictures of our new Club shirts. If you would like to join us on a ride you can Contact us or email the ride leader and let us know you are coming...Like-minded cyclists, regardless of age, are always welcome!


What's the pace like?

Not everyone has the same level of fitness! Most members are happy riding in a bunch and have a chat, but a few of our members still harbour thoughts of winning something. Mostly though, it is limited to being "1st up a hill" or "1st to park his or her bike at the cafe stop". However, apart from the odd surge of power, we always ride together as a group. Should a potential problem or defect prevent a rider from continuing, we make sure that they have a way of getting back home safely. All of our Sunday rides have a mileage versus duration measure, it roughly equates to a speed of 10-12 miles/hour. The guide includes stopping for refreshment breaks, potential defects and to take in the scenery etc.

Ride leaders grade their rides on how Easy, Moderate or Strenuous they are.

Ride Categories for 1 day(Sunday) rides:

Easy: Going at an easy pace, a distance of 30-40miles max. Usually a few minor-medium hills.

Ideal category for new cyclists to join us for a ride.

Moderate: The pace and mileage gets a notch upwards. May include a number of medium hills or challenging and steep climbs.

Strenuous: High mileage and/or very undulating route. Expect a higher pace if the route is fairly flat.


For 2-3 day weekend or week long activities you must be able to maintain an average speed of 12 mph. 

See individual rides for further details.

The right bike?

There are no set requirements for what type of bike you should use when cycling with us. The nature of our rides will favour a road, hybrid or touring-bike of some kind. Occasionally, through the season and frequently in the winter season, we also use road-going mountain bikes.

Why join Spokes?

  • We have a preference to cycling on quieter roads, trails and cycle paths.

  • The club is near the 50/50 pct. blend of female/male riders 

  • Ride leaders with years of experience arranging cycle events in the UK and abroad.

  • Always available to offer advice and guidance for those new to cycling 

A word on safety!

Cycling can be a strenuous and hazardous activity, so there is always an element of risk. On all club activities, it is your responsibility to ensure you are fit and competent for any cycle ride in which you participate and that there is no medical reason that could prevent you from fully taking part in it. We advice you carry information of your, if any, essential medication when cycling. We also recommend that you take out personal insurance when taking part in our activities. You are riding at your own risk. Your bicycle must be in a good and road-worthy condition and you must observe all aspects of the highway code whilst cycling with us. You must be over 16 years of age or accompanied by a responsible adult and we strongly recommend that you wear a helmet. Safety is paramount for everyone.


Coronavirus/Covid-19 guidelines:

When we can ride as a group we need to have rules to keep us and the public safe:

1) Ride Leader to take a list of all cyclists on a club ride.
2) Social distancing to be observed at all times.
3) Take care when at coffee stops to socially distance from members of the public.
4)Members to be encouraged to take their own food on the ride.
5) All members should take their own hand sanitiser on the ride.

Cafe stops will be optional for the foreseeable future, dependant of group sizes and on how busy the cafe is at the time....So bring a drink and sandwiches and prepare for a possible roadside picnic.



































Julie Williams, Club Secretary


- Julie is the most well travelled of Spokes members! Is there a continent she hasn't been on..?? scouring for new members I expect

Gareth Thomas, Club Treasurer

- Also known as Tonto as he rarely gets lost

Richard Cook, Club Chair

 - New Man at the Helm of Spokes.

Eagle eyed pothole spotter of the year

Mel Pruchnie & Dave Jenkins,

Ride Co-ordinators Contact

Meet the committee

Claus Sogaard, Website


- Latest Recruit, Expect new tactics for attracting ride leaders

- Dave brightens up every bike ride.

Our in-house international food taster.

- Big ride man representing the Northern clan

Club history

We are a group of cyclists from all over the UK (but a large contingent are based in Cardiff) who enjoy cycling and socialising. Our group has been together in various forms for over 20 years. It evolved from a group of people who rode together to raise money for the NSPCC charity. We organise between us, day, weekend, week and venture rides. The week and venture rides are held in a mix of locations both UK and Europe. The main aim of the club is to have fun and make new friends whilst seeing new places on two wheels!

Ride notes and newspaper cut outs from yester years in PDF form
Images in the gallery above can be downloaded for a better view
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